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The Redundant Organ Rehousing Company Ltd.(RORCL) was set up in December 1996 to address the problem of saving from destruction those pipe organs deemed to be of historic or heritage significance. To that end, secure storage facilities are currently available near Kington, Herefordshire. If an important instrument is under threat and cannot be found another home in the short term, RORCL will store it until a new home is found.

The Organ Redundancy Service previously run by the British Institute of Organ Studies (BIOS) has, since February 1997, become RORCL's responsibility. Both bodies will maintain close links in regard to redundancies - particularly where an instrument of acknowledged historic importance is concerned. In such cases, BIOS will take the lead in assessment and the offering of appropriate advice to the relevant authorities. RORCL will become involved if eventual storage or advertising the instrument for sale is required.

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